I’d like to welcome everyone back for the new year. The club has some big things happening this year so lets work together to put SJSU on the Information security map. We are implenting a few new changes this year. First of all, we are implementing a membership fee of $5 to help pay for power chords and other projects we may want to dive into. We are also adding on a mentor program. Because the field has such a high learning curve, if our new members are dedicated, they can request to be assigned a senior member to mentor them in the field.

On another note, we recently finalized our schedule for this semester. They are officially Mondays at 3:00 pm and Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. Our first few talks are going to have an easier learning curve to it. Starting from the basics of InfoSecs and eventually leading to more advance topics. One example is, I am personally teaching all Web Application Stuff this year. In that way, our members can build their skills on top of each other. Hopefully our lessons will be more organized and more friendly for the new members. From the looks of it, this year already has a great start. I hope you all continue to bring more to the club.